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    The difference between Hiring a Blogger and Hiring a Blog Manager

    seoservicepro Ranger

      blog-services.jpgWhen people think of hiring a professional blogger for their business blog, the thing on their mind is content. Does the blogger write well? Do they understand my industry? Do they know how to pick relevant and interesting topics that will attract my target audience?

      Those are all necessary skills of any professional blogger, but they are only the basic skillset of a Business Blog Manager. A Business Blog Manager is in charge of your content marketing strategy overall.

      They do the research on your industry, what your competitors are talking about and how they are getting their traffic, and what type of content gets shared the most by your target audience.

      A Business Blog Manager chooses the topics, writes your blog posts, posts to your social media profiles and pages, and even engages with your followers, friends and potential customers.

      In addition to that, they handle choosing your plugins, do all of the software and plugin updates and usually even fix problems that arise, troubleshooting whatever might affect the blog, including installing and monitoring the analytics.

      When someone searches the Internet for someone to run their blog, they end up at a lot of websites that claim to manage blogs for clients, when in reality, they are a blogger, not a blog manager.

      If you hire a professional blogger, you get what you pay for, at least most of the time. They are there to write blog posts. That's what you can expect from them.

      If you need more than that, you need a Blog Manager. Make sure they know how to write high-quality blog posts, know how to use social media, including building profiles and pages, and know how to take care of the technical problems that may come up.


      Chris McElroy has been doing Internet Marketing since 1995 and was a professional blogger in the early 2000's.

      I hope this was helpful to you.