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      The Challenges of Reaching HVAC Consumers

      In the HVAC manufacturing business, creating a great product is essential, but is not the be-all, end-all of consumer satisfaction. In an ideal situation, manufacturers not only perfect their products in the creation stage, but reach as many viable consumers as possible. This is where, as an HVAC manufacturer, you may face many challenges, like accessing consumer data and keeping sales teams up to date on product information. Incentive programs—which can reward employees, distributors, and contractors for increasing sales—can help manufacturers overcome these challenges. Incentive companies like Loyaltyworks provide incentive programs featuring sales team training and customer loyalty capabilities that can help you educate the sales channel and collect consumer data.



      i. Train and educate sales teams.


      Any distributor, dealer, or sales representative handling your products should be educated on those products’ capabilities and should stay updated on any changes or upgrades. Salesforce, a company known for creating customer relationship management products for sales teams, released an infographic condensing important information about sales motivation and education. The found that, when salespeople receive three or more hours of coaching a month, they earn 17% more revenue than those receiving less coaching.

      Keeping sales teams, contractors, and distributors educated contributes to their understanding of your product and their approach to selling it. Incentive companies such as Loyaltyworks offer programs featuring online training environments like Learn and Earn, which reward participants for passing quizzes and contributing to surveys. In a points-based program, participants earn points and can exchange them for merchandise rewards.

      ii. Encourage service and maintenance checks.

      In an in-depth study of the HVAC business model, the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy found that the HVAC industry has much to gain in aftermarket services. According to the guide, “service contracts lead to revenue, partly from annual maintenance visits, but mostly from repairs to and replacement of units sold during those visits, which can be used to drive the sales of home energy upgrades as well as standard HVAC equipment.”

      You can encourage regular service and maintenance checks with a customer loyalty incentive program that rewards returning or continuing business from your buyers. It is not only in your best interest to reward consumers for maintaining their units and purchasing necessary upgrades or replacements, but consumers will be happy with systems that last longer and are more energy efficient. On top of this benefit, you can design a customer loyalty program that collects information about consumers’ usage habits, preferences, and needs.

      iii. Use an open enrollment incentive program to learn more about consumers.

      Consumers associate the HVAC purchase process with contractors and sales representatives, not manufacturers. When it comes to collecting consumer data, contractors hold the keys to the kingdom. Dealers, distributors, and others in the channel sale play a significant role in the exchange of valuable consumer information.

      Incentive programs can help integrate these faceless parties into your marketing strategies. Loyaltyworks incentive program technology offers the option of an Open Enrollment add-on module, which allows anyone to become part of the program without an invitation from the administrator. As a result, you could gather sales claim and warranty information, then market to sources you had no prior contact with.

      Although reaching out to consumers presents challenges to HVAC manufacturers, you can alleviate some of these problems by instituting multi-functional incentive programs. Rewarding behaviors like product knowledge and regular maintenance improve consumer relations, while open incentive program enrollment helps you connect with previously untapped sources of data.



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