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    What You Should Know About Review Sites Like Yelp

    seoservicepro Ranger

      negative-reviews-smaller.jpgThere are hundreds, if not thousands of complaints from small business owners about the bad reviews on Yelp, Ripoff Report and other review sites.

      A lot of people call review sites a double-edged sword where it can really help you or hurt you, but in actuality it's stacked against you. It's not 50/50.

      There's an old saying; "If people don't like something they tell 10 people. If they liked it, they tell 1 person".

      This applies to reviews as well.

      More people will write a review if they have a bad experience with your company than when they have a good experience.

      Someone recently said; "Good is the new average". Customers "expect" to have a good experience. They feel it's your job to provide that and that no reward is necessary. So they aren't going to run out and write a review and pat you on the back for just doing your job.

      But, don't provide the expected good experience and they can't wait to get to Yelp or other social site to tell people why they shouldn't use your company's products or services.

      These days, you have to go over the top in order to give your customers such a great experience that they will remember you well enough that they "might" write a good review.

      Those who rely on review sites for recommendations should be aware that for every negative comment you see, there are likely 10 or more who loved their experience with that company, but who didn't write a review.

      If you don't look at it that way, then the information you are relying on is inaccurate and incomplete.

      For business owners, if you have been Yelped, (And yes, I use Yelp as a verb) this infographic might interest you.

      An interesting note; The BBB has received 1596 complaints. They aren't BBB accredited.

      A Freedom of Information act request filed with the FTC has resulted in the release of nearly 700 complaints against Yelp

      In contrast, Ripoff Report has fewer than 20 complaints filed with the BBB. Who would have thought?

      But more than 1000 people like this facebook page about Ripoff Report.

      The point is; if you rely on reviews to make decisions, you should consider the reputation of the site you are relying on as well.