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    How Would You Help a Company Who's Business Name is ISIS?

    seoservicepro Ranger


      Every company puts a lot of thought into naming their company and spend a lot of money branding that company.

      When there are negative comments, many turn to web reputation management companies to solve this or repair any damage created by the negative content.

      But what if the bizarre happens and you end up with the same name as a terrorist group. Bet you didn't think that would happen.

      Here are some groups and companies that are experiencing just that problem.

      Institute for Software Integrated Systems has a logo that spells it ISIS

      Institute for Science and International Security Ironic, right?

      Internet Shopping Is Safe offers accreditation for secure e-commerce

      International Security Information Service More Irony. Cyberspace Security

      Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society is perhaps the most ironic since it is a Muslim organization with completely opposing views to the terrorist group.

      There are several more examples on this page

      Okay, this is an extreme example of how your brand name, especially if it uses an acronym can suddenly find themselves in a bad situation.

      My question for you is what recommendations would you give these organizations and companies do to repair any damage to their name due to this bizarre situation?

      Or do you think it won't hurt them at all?