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    What's Your Goal As A Small Business Start Up?

    Milleisen Scout

      I subscribe to a magazine called "Inc", which specifically is about different small businesses....challenges, success stories, dealing with certain issues, etc.  Every time I read it, I am struck by the same thought.  These businesses they are talking about are NOTHING like my business!  Most of what I read are about fairly large operations, even though they are technically classified as small businesses.  And for the most part, these businesses have the goal of growing exponentially.  They all want to be the next big thing.  They want to get huge and get bought by a venture capital company.  They want to disrupt the [INSERT INDUSTRY HERE) industry. 


      But none of those goals are my goals.


      Here's what I want for my business:


      1) I want to help people get to a place they could not otherwise get.

      2) I want to earn living.  I don't need to be rich.  Honestly, I don't want to work 24/7/365.  Show me an Uber rich entrepreuer, and I will show yo a workaholic that has given up some sort of personal freedoms to do it (wife, kids, friends).  I want to make enough to pay the bills, and save for retirement.  I don't need a mansion, a jet ski, or to ski in Aspen with my BFF Taylor Swift.

      3) I want to create a business with predictable and consistent results.

      4) I want to be in charge, and decided what I do, how I do it, and when I do it.  Definitely no boss, and I would take it a step further and say I'd never do a franchise either, as they tend to be rigid.

      5) I want to build something that last long enough to hand off to my kids, if they were so inclined to be entrepreneurs.


      What does everyone else want to get out of there business?