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    How can I get clients?

    kitti1912 Adventurer

      HI! I just started a snall cleaning services bisiness , but still trying to figure ou how to get clients for a start? It is a home and office non toxic cleaning services! Please does anybody have any idea? I already ordered business card and a magnet fir the car! Thanks

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome and good luck.

          Glad that you ordered business cards.

          Business cards and flyers are MOST important.

          Give out the flyers and business cards to everybody and all the stores you shop in.

          Once you get a client, give them something FREE if they recommend you.


          Also go to trade shows.


          Again good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Milleisen Scout

            Great start to your business!  There are a few methods I always tell clients:


            1) Ask existing customers if they have friends or family that might want your services.

            2) Every deli or convenience store has a "community board".  Go around town and put up some business cards.  You could also go door to door in your town and leave business cards.

            3) Create a website.  They are cheap and easy on or  You can have a fully functional website for about $40.  Once the site is up, you can start a blog using keywords that people will search for.  for example, if you lived in Gnome Alaska, you would want your site to show up when people google the phrase "Gnome house cleaning".  The cheapest way to achieve this goal is to write a blog that is relevant, consistent, and original.  If you want to kickstart your business, you should also consider Google Adwords.  That's where you pay to advertise, and you only pay when people click on your ad.


            Good luck!

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              dnftech Adventurer

              Where are you located for a start?

              New Jersey is a big state...

              location location location

              I am originally from Elizabeth... so I know how big the state is..

              Depending on your location, the key is, getting your name out there...

              there are countless ways to do that.

              If you go out and drive around apartment complexes you will notice they have mail boxes. Usually in a general area. Those areas have a covered area and usually have a cork board with lots of things pinned to them  like Amway and Avon and so forth... A Print out of your services with little pre-cut pieces at the bottom they can just pull off, or, a cardboard card holder glue stick ed or stapled to the cork-board with a few cards in it..

              wall-mart has a board as do most shopping centers , the mall usually has one, the thrifty nickle usually is not too expensive to run a small add and sometimes offers a free add for first timers...

              If you military there are several places around base/post with bulletin boards to post flyers and or business cards...

              Start attending volunteer groups for non profit organizations and  make friends... Wait for that infamous question they cant help them self from asking.... " what is it that you do???" then you whip out those business cards and your prearranged SHORT power speech

              Practice your sales pitch in front of the mirror and your family and friends so you can get it down to a science... dream about it, practice in the car.... Get Excited about it!!! its yours OWN it! tell your friends family people you HATE!!! lol Tell people you can't stand first!!

              they will tell more people than your friends will lol... And youll probably ger more business that way...

              Start a blogg its FREE

              email me at and let me know how your doing!!!!!

              Wish you lived in Texas, id hire you today!!!!!

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                  kitti1912 Adventurer

                  Hi! Thank you so much. I wish I was there....

                  I Am located right where you are from,elizabeth. I actually don't have an office as my business is  going to happen in houses,offices, hair saloons,etc...the idea of being a volunteer is excellent,not only to get clients but for myself as well , it's great! I will look for all cork board out there,for sure Hehehe,it's always someone in need of a cleaner,right? I am already dreaming about it....even before I start 

                  thank you you so much for all your attention and advices! I really loved them

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                  negocitos Wayfarer

                  The way to deal with looking for customers is having an image or branding as the franchises do...unfortunately, sb owners dont see that so it is important to network with similar biz in other areas to have a chance to be noticed.

                  I am building one network and can share how to do your own.

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                    Moderator Naoko Adventurer

                    Great advice everyone, please keep it coming!


                    - Naoko

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                      Dawn Fitchett Varnes Wayfarer

                      Great advise from everyone!


                      My greatest piece of advise is to invest in a high quality flyer design and like someone else mentioned have cut up tabs on the bottom and put them up everywhere. Visual graphics say A LOT about your company, if it is schlumpy looking they will think you are schlumpy...key is image & detail. Sell them on your services. You can find reasonable graphic work @ then take it to your local printer to have them print it on glossy paper stock and start putting them up. You can also purchase cheap door knob bags and go around to all the nicer areas in town and put your brochure or flyer, your business card and make it stand out by putting something in it that pertains to can find options at the dollar store that have 8 to 10 pieces per package. Invest a little money and start talking to everyone you know and like someone else said previously...believe in your business, and in yourself...because determination (with a positive attitude) = success! Best of luck to you!

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                        Malvina Wayfarer

                        My Company is struggling to land contracts in IT software projects. We are based in canada and recently started in USA.we have an employee strength of about 72 Specialized in Java & .Net

                        We already delivered few Projects Out Sourced by Pen Groups with little profit margin. They are ready to Out Source few more projects for us but we want to build our Own Clients.Please give me suggestions How to get projects directly from the Clients?





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                            Moderator Rebecca Guide

                            Hi Malvina, welcome to our forum!  You've asked a great question regarding how to expand your business and land more IT projects for your company, but you've asked it in an older discussion that may not attract many of our members to lend advice.  You might want to start a new discussion with your specific question so that our members are sure to see it.  Be sure to add a little information about your company as well and let us know what types of marketing your currently using.


                            We have many helpful members here who will be glad to lend their experience and advice for your company, so I know that starting a separate topic will be sure to bring you some great advice.


                            To ask your question, simply click on the Start A Discussion link on the home page and be sure to mark your topic as a question.   I am looking forward to hearing more about your business!




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                              dnftech Adventurer


                                    A strong north american English language  course is in order.

                              As a seasoned world traveler I have a different outlook than most other us

                              business personnel.

                              Over 45 years of traveling and even living all over the world, afforded me

                              with cultural experiences that let me understand the difficulties of

                              learning multiple languages ( at one time I could dabble in 16 dialects)

                              Unfortunately, most north Americans speak only their local dialect of bad

                              English, and can be extremely rude and impatient when it comes to

                              communicating with "foreign" ( outsourced) support companies.

                              Your customer support and technical support as well as your outside sales

                              phone personnel must master the language and it's odd colloquialisms...

                              Especially specific terminology that will be used in your industry... You

                              MUST say it THEIR way weather it sounds stupid or not ( I know.. its worth

                              it, trust me)

                              Otherwise they will suffer the attacks of the rude, arrogant and obnoxious

                              impatient North american business men and women. Who may end up simply

                              hanging up on them , and choosing another provider.... Unfortunately..

                              Once your team has mastered the language and have the confidence to move

                              forward ( I recommend immersion training for your staff , that is what we

                              did ) and


                                audio tapes are fantastic, It is what our government uses to quickly

                              train our assets, ( buy one digital set for your server NAS , group share

                              it, and make digital copies for everyone) They can listen to them on

                              pretty much

                              any device, cell phones, tablets, PC's, Gaming consoles ( I listened to

                              advanced Russian while playing call of duty black ops on my Xbox), I even

                              listen to them on my truck radio CD player using my cell phone and a 1/4 in

                              jack plugged into my cell, but Bluetooth works also... My wife uses

                              Bluetooth to her hearing aids.... Shes learning Spanish for our trip to

                              Aruba next month. then Russian for our trip to Russia Next year, then

                              French Just because...


                              Once your ready, then I would need demographics...

                              Who are you trying to reach? What are the specifics of the target buyer?

                              Knowing who it is that you are trying to attract makes it easier for us to

                              advise you how to proceed...

                              Each buyer/client has a unique set  of needs, wants and desires.


                              The key to any successful approach is, knowing what their needs are, their

                              strengths and weaknesses are BEFORE we approach them, and making sure we

                              make them the offer that's better than the competition...


                              knowing what they want, what they have tried and what will knock them off

                              their feet and pricing it so that you make your profit margin and still

                              stay under their ceiling is the goal.. Knowing what the market will bear in

                              the area where they are located...


                              Our clients are used to us and know us for 45 years now, so we can price

                              high all the time...  They refer us to their associates and so forth so we



                              I would need a little more information on your industry before I could be

                              of more help.

                              any information would help


                              I am here for you...


                              Please be patient as I run three companies, we have 9 children, 8 of them

                              grown, but none the less still call often.. and 12 grand children that call


                              I also run a Sheep Ranch and an insurance agency, and am a philanthropist...

                              So I stay very very busy 18 hours a day 6 days a week,..


                              Sunday's is God and Wife day... I am sorry but if your not God or my wife,

                              I will not speak with you on Sundays..


                              So, send me a little more information, and we will get back to you with

                              some more ideas..


                              Thank you,


                              Frank J Toms CEO



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