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    credit card processing help?

    seanredinger Wayfarer

      My business opens on the 11th and i have a POS system. and i have some curiosity as to what you guys use for credit card processing? i have a nova system but more worried about how it will be set up to be sent straight to my business checking. any help and or insight means allot!

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community.

          Tell us more about yourself and your business.

          There are many members who can give you good advice.



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            Moderator Cath Guide

            Hi seanredinger - welcome to our community!


            Congratulations on your business opening - bet you are counting the days and hours and are busy with all those last minute tasks.


            When you have a moment you can stop and breathe, won't you tell us a bit about your new business and how you decided on making it yours?


            We hope some of your members will join in and let us know how you all process credit cards.  Please share your expertise and what has worked best for you and your business.



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              dnftech Adventurer


                  I am sorry your sales rep did not include that in your package..

              Most pos systems have all that included...

              People like are owned by a bank and they provide both the equipment and the accounts

              the equipment is free ( leased)

              they install it, all you do is make sure you have internet access and there are cat 5/6 cables ran from the pos/printer location to the room where the internet is for their router and a crew comes in and sets it all up for you in about 2 hours..

              the software is off the hook easy and customizable and the tech support and sales staff rock..

              NCR/IBMtoshiba...pretty much all modern pos systems include all that with their packages.. Harbortouch is the least expensive and best for small to medium sized businesses that I know of. We install them all over Texas and our clients love them..

              Hope you can get something resolved!!!!



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                Raul Adventurer

                Hello Seanredinger,


                A POS station is a computer that processes orders for retail and restaurant businesses. The POS station connects either directly or through a third party gateway to a merchant processing company. The merchant processor validates the credit card and approves the transaction. Sometimes when you purchase a POS system they will have a preferred merchant processing company that handles the credit card transactions. You may want to ask first if your POS system can connect to any processor or just their preferred processor.


                You merchant processing company has all of your bank information. Whenever you settle your daily sales the merchant processor will deposit your funds electronically. This may take a couple of days depending on several factors like gateway cut off times, merchant processor cut off times etc.


                Whomever sold you the POS should be able to answer these questions. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss this futher feel free to contact me. Good luck.