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      Online Reward Programs – Part Time Incentives

      Are you considering starting up an incentive program in your workplace? Are you also thinking that when you launch your program you can just have Gina from accounting take care of managing it for you? That first part about starting an incentive program in your workplace – great idea. That second part, about Gina from accounting handling it in her spare time – terrible idea and you should feel bad for thinking it. Poor Gina.

      Managing an incentive program is a lot more work than one might blindly expect. You have to manage your participants’ points, their problems, their data, their sales, your data, your numbers, the analytics, issues with rewards, and communicating the program to all of your participants in a consistent and timely manner. And that’s just before lunch.

      The entire purpose of an incentive program is to deliver results. They’re designed to produce desired behaviors that affect the outcome of your business in a positive way. They’re designed to bring back more money than you put into them. But giving the program to someone as a side project robs them of their effectiveness by showing your employees that you’re not really serious about the program anyways. When employees don’t care, your program goes nowhere and you wasted everyone’s time and your own money by failing so hard at it.

      This is why it’s important to hire a full-time incentive manager, or an outside company who specializes in incentives to do it all for you – like us at Loyaltyworks. We design programs that are self-sustaining and add revenue to your bottom line. Our programs up to $5 back for every dollar you invest in your program. You don’t have to get Donald Trump on the phone to know that that’s good business.