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    Sun Startup Essentials

    grantsforce Adventurer
      For those who are interested in some free stuff from Sun Microsystems, check this out:
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *Sun Startup Essentials**, Free stuff is good,*
          This web site loves FREE.
          SCORE is FREE.
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            jayman8117 Wayfarer
            I would like to add one more free service for tech start ups...

            It is a free consultation for Purchasing Services from Echo Electronics in downtown San Jose. Most startups are a few engineers that have a concept, but do not know about procurement, good thing is, we are procurement professionals.
            We source parts on your Bill of Materials through vendors that are reputable, that we have built relationships with, which keeps your costs down.
            If there is a lead time, we will try to locate actual stock. We will advise when there is a status change for the parts in your BOM, for example, before parts go obsolete, there is an "End of Life" period, that we will let you know to spec in another part, and we can offer you crosses, or parts which are exactly the same, from another manufacturer. And we will deliver ON TIME!

            Also, once your a Purchasing Services client, when you grow, we grow with you and all your Supply Chain Management needs, and you will pay a much lower cost for all your purchases from us.

            We can also recommend several reputable contract manufacturers that specialize in prototypes and short runs, and then which contract manufacturers which specialize in large production runs.

            Feel free to contact me at I would enjoy spending time with you to discuss your needs.

            Jay Rose
            Echo Electronics