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    Will your business 'lean towards green' in 2015

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We hear a great deal about being 'green'.  And often try to begin that journey - or perhaps your business is on the journey already.  A new article: Eco-Business: How green policies and solutions can boost your bottom line gives some forward thinking insights on some steps to take towards 'leaning to be green'.


      Won't you discuss this topic with your employees and ask for their assistance to make your business greener?  Use the article as a discussion starting point and then open it up for some brainstorming.


      We would welcome any ideas that you all come up with - share them with us so we can all grow greener.



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          gerontologyadv2 Adventurer

          One way to make your business green is to use off grid solar system to power your business. A off grid solar electrical manufacturing system is a renewable source that will allow your company to keep operating even in the inevitable event of electrical power grid failure. Powering your business with on grid power increases your carbon footprint. Coal fired electrical power plants are responsible for most of all sulfur dioxide emissions in the US. Solar electricity produces absolutely no pollution. Adding battery power to your solar system makes solar useful throughout the day, not just when the sun is out. Yes there are high up front cost to going solar but you can find a company like ours that will lease the system to you for about the same cost as you pay now for electricity. In addition some do not increase payments every year. Some electric companies have increased 20 percent in the last 4 years. Not only will you lower your carbon footprint but you will be saving up to 20 percent per month in 4 years. That is leaning green while keeping some green in your pocket.