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    Fedex Route Help

    dom777inick Adventurer

      I am looking to buy a Fedex ground route in the NY area. My main concern with these routes are that, there seem to be more available and I am worried with the recent ruling in California about the teamsters that all these routes will be taking over by Fedex themselves and hire you as a driver. Can someone that owns a ground route please ease my concerns?

      Heard rumors that Fedex also wants owners to own multiple routes?

      I have been in the trucking business for the last 8 years in the medical field and this business has change drastically. Currently my customers make me wait 90 days for payment but all my vendors and employees get paid bi weekly and with 30 days. Looking for a more stable environment with weekly pay outs that's why I am intrigued with Fedex, also looking at an Arnold Bread or Tropicana route.


      Any advice, please share your experiences


      here is my email