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    tch coffee in nyc

    tchcoffee Wayfarer

      How can I attract more customers to my online coffee business, I sell coffee for Home&Offices, for gift or for any event in NYC for now, but looking to expand to all cities in Usa

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi tch coffee,


          Welcome to our community!  There is quite a bit of great information here and we encourage all community members to read and use the information that is most helpful to them. 


          I would bet you would get some responses  to your question.  But first, tell us what you have done to make yourself and your business more visible.  That will help us a lot.



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            icetzou Scout

            Hi there,


            How's business going right now? I actually retail coffee grounds from one of my cafe locations as well, and I can tell you that it's not easy.


            Coffee is one of the most competitive industries, especially retail. Here is what advise I have to offer:


            1) Identify your brand. There are so many types of roasts out there, what makes your roast special?


            2) Identify your market. Yes it's easy to say that your coffee is for everyone and everywhere, but that does not focus your marketing efforts. You need to start with a sub-genre market first and work your way up as your brand grows. For example, we focus our coffee to wholesale to corporate offices right now, more specifically corporation in the tech industry as our coffee is a special Vietnamese extra dark blend that will really give boost in alertness, hence perfectly suitable for that industry. 


            3) Looking at your website, it looks like a new business. You need to invest in getting a more professional website up with pictures of your own product so people know what they are buying, and at least a short introduction to tell people about your brand/ story. If you just started, don't think about how to expand to different cities yet, focus on your home court advantage and try to hit a home run with your local market first.