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    Enquiry for kids clothing advertising issue

    alex lam Adventurer

      Hi,I just start to run a online kids clothing shop in Hong Kong for various suppliers, but I realize that it is very costly (over USD1000 per mth) to advertise whether online or magazine. I would like to know whether any effective way to reach more target customers? Many thx!

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Alex to the Community. I am sure that you will get many great answers to your

          question about advertising (less costly).

          Who are your targeted customers?? in Hong Kong?? or the USA??

          Do you have a Business Plan?? A good Bus Plan is like a road map to success.


          Good luck and stay in touch, LUCKIEST

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              alex lam Adventurer

              Actually, I just start this business from Apr 14 and show you the steps and plan below:


              Steps I did from Apr 14:

              1. My company is based in HK, a website designed and found 2 - 3 suppliers on kids clothing (will increase if good response on sales).

              2. A 3 months advertisement has been done from Sep 14 in a UK trade magazine, but seems no response and cannot reach the target (mainly aim at parents).


              The future plan:

              1. Fully concentrate on promotion, let more targets know my web site.

              2. I am finding a advertising agency to search more cheaper way promotion, plan to do 1 more advertisement on Jan 15.

              3. Despite waiting the adv agency reply, I tried to do a little online advertisement by using insrtagram, google plus, etc. Also, join some US / UK small business discussion group.


              The target

              1..Target is just earn around USD6-10k per month at this moment.

              2. Develop a brand on clothing and improve the website design to cope with customers need.

              2. Increasing sales items, such as luxury accessories

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              Moderator Jim Ranger

              Welcome to our community, Alex Lam!  We are glad you found us and decided to share a bit about your business.


              We hope you will take time to explore all the various areas we have here. We invite you to join in an discussions that you find interesting.  Share your expertise with other members. Ask questions, if you have anything you don't understand.  Be sure to check out some of our great expert articles too! We know you'll find the members of this community very knowledgeable and helpful!