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    kids clothing marketing problem

    alex lam Adventurer



           I am recently own an online shop for kids clothing in Hong Kong, but it seems that the online customers are different to find even put a certain cost on advertising, so I am just interested to ask whether any method to reach the target audience (mostly in US, UK or other English speaking countries) including some magazines or online promotion can be referenced, thx!


      Alex Lam

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Alex,


          If you are searching for what type of clothing parents are looking for to clothe their children, you might browse some of the larger stores in the US, UK, and other English speaking countries.  Google and your search begins there.  You will find prices accompanying the clothing too.


          I'm not sure this is helpful to you or not but it is a beginning.



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            nhufinney Adventurer

            Hi Alex Lam,


            Your business is quite similar to mine. I'm going to run an online biz selling baby blanket from my own design called baby blanket 3-in-1 (used in crib, in car seat and a normal receiving blanket). Turn to your question, the best way to approach your potential customers is selling it in a narrower niche market, less expensive to advertising and get more customer's attention than broad market. e.g if you want to sell cooking book, it will be expensive to approach broad market among millions sellers out there. But if you narrow to sweet cake cooking book, it's better, less expensive. Then narrower let's say pie apple recipe, you can easily to get them. When they become your customers, they will consider about your other products.

            You know who are your customers, keep track their habits: where they shop, price they are pleased to buy. You may try sell your product in online merchant similar to Amazon in US.

            You can find many tips, advice about selling, marketing in the Internet.

            Good luck and wish you successful!.

            Nhu Finney

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