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    9 Ways to Become a PowerPoint Presentations Pro

    cote_bruce Scout

      If you are looking to perk up on your presentation skills and want to give better PowerPoint presentations, then this article will be really helpful for you. A PowerPoint presentation when delivered capably has the power to sell products and services to the target customers in an efficient manner.

      Here are the 9 ways to become a PowerPoint presentation pro: -

      1) Modify Slide Size:- The foremost requirement is the customization of the size of the slide. Modify the slide size according to your requirements and the slide size i.e. the height and width should be same for all the slides.

      2) Choose & Edit Templates:- You should choose a wonderful template according to the topic of the presentation. After selecting the template, you can edit it the way you want to. Editing the master slide is the best option. 


      3) Layout Design:- The design templates chosen by you for making a presentation can be easily formatted using effects which can make them look more attractive and stunning. In order to perform it, right click on image and select Format Picture.  


      4) Add Text Effects:- Formatting the title can add elegance to your slide design. Using add text effects, you can easily highlight the main points. You just need to right click on the text and select format text effects.


      5) Add Custom Animation:- Using custom animation, you will be able to draw your own animation according to your presentation requirements. You just have to go the animation menu and select custom path to create compelling slide designs.


      6) Orderly Arranged Slide Transitions:- There should be a standard time set for the slide transitioning. The slides should not transition too quickly or too slow; to make the slide transition standardized, choose a uniform transition time. 


      7) Craft an Image:- The graphics play a major role in a PowerPoint presentation. You can easily draw and insert shapes according to your requirements and then combine them using the merge shapes option in the format menu.


      8) Zooming in Details:- If you feel the need to enlarge some details in your slides, then you can easily us the zoom tool that can easily enlarge the slides for you. This amazing option helps in creating wonderful and compelling slide designs.  


      9) Add Sound Effects:- The audio command present in the insert menu will help you to add some sound to your presentation to make it livelier. You can easily the select soundtrack and click on it for inserting it into your presentation.