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    Get a website for free

    archsolution Adventurer

      We are looking for candidates to create their Web Site for free. We are a new Company Venture and we need to create a solid Portfolio to advertise our services. We have a very talented staff and cutting edge technology, we are focusing in Web Site that require Video Stream, high quality graphics and innovative approach.
      Our Ideal Candidate would be:
      • A TV Show or Production Company.
      • Advertising Company
      -Marketing Company
      • Architectural, Interior Design or Builder Company.
      • A New Product or Service
      • They have flexible time to have the project completed.
      If you are not in this list you can contact us anyway.
      We will review the candidates and decide if they apply to our Ideal Clients Criteria.

      Please contact me or my Partner including Company Name, Existing Web Site (if available) , brief description of the company and service or product offered, and contact Information.
        • Application Form
          archsolution Adventurer
          First I need to say thank you to all the people interested in my proposal, since I have received many feedback and questions we have decided to create an application form to complete. If you are interested in our free services please download and complete the application located at this url :
          (copy and paste this link in your internet browser)
          Unfortunately we need to select only a few postulants since our intention is to put a lot of attention and dedication to any web site we agree to complete.

          This is a general guideline of we can offer for free:

          ~ HTML base web site (includes basic pages, contact form and portfolio)
          ~ Basic Flash web site with contact form and basic portfolio
          ~ Joomla Based web site (includes users/password, forum/control panel

          What is not included:

          Dynamic web sites with PHP data base
          Large Item Inventory web site
          Complex Flash Animated web site
          Creation of Video, Logo Design or photos

          We certainly can provide all the services above but we have to limit the freebies to the first list.
          Thank you.

          Juan Luque