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    I have a great business plan

    jeff2014 Wayfarer

      I Have a great business plan the problem is my credit is horrible and my income is under 1000 a month right now I need help to get my business started and I don't know where to go or who to talk to

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi jeff2014, welcome to our forum!  For us to help you, can you tell us a bit more about your business idea and plan?  We have a lot of great members here who will be able to give you some great advice if you tell us a bit more about yourself and your proposed business.  I'd also encourage you to browse and search our forum for some of our great expert articles that may be of assistance.  You might want to start with this article from our friends at Touchpoint: Overcoming Troubled Credit: Six tips for small business owners looking to overcome a checkered financial past   You also will find our small business lending guide put together by our SBC Team helpful: Small Business Lending Guide.


          We hope you find these two articles as a good starting point, and we look forward to hearing more about you and your ideas, jeff!




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            Milleisen Scout

            Jeff - Are you still trying to start your business?  While a business plan is a good way to think about all the potential issues you might need to deal with, at some point you need to take some sort of action.  Building a website and having some business cards printed are two great ways to get started.  If nothing else, those actions give you something tangible to build on.


            There are some basic questions you want to try to answer:


            1) What are you selling?

            2) Who are you selling to, and how will you reach them?

            3) How will you deliver your product or service?

            4) How will you collect payment?


            If you can answer these questions, you are probably ready to get out there and give it a shot!