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    Need "login & password" page added to our site. how?

    tmvinc Newbie
      I am trying to add a page in which our customers can login and send us their orders via our secured site (instead of faxing). Does anyone know what this application is called and where I need to start? thanks.
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          stephan Wayfarer
          This is difficult to answer without knowing more about the backend of your site. This could either be a server side authentication at the application layer (need to be coded) or you can ask your system administrator to set that up for you. If you are running on an Apache server, you can use the .htaccess to restrict access to certain directory by authentication, the same can be acheived on windows but would require you have access to your server, hence better work with your system administrator.
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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Need "login & password" page added to our site. how//
            Hope this helps So you're running your web site and all of a sudden you think
            What if
            we had an area that only certain people could get into.. So how do you do it?


            A quick and relatively simple
            login and password check. It doesn't come close
            to using NT challenge and response.
            It's not even as secure as plain
            text NT password validation. But here's what it does get you. You get a
            simple login and password check that can pull it's validation from any
            source you can access .
            It prevents you from
            giving out unnecessary NT domain passwords . It also doesn't tie you up for hours writing an
            authentication filter that by the time you get written you decide needs
            more features





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              xenopod Adventurer
              Here is a simple question about the objective of the login area which will help determine a solution.

              Are you trying to simply prevent the content from being publically accessible to people who are not your customers on the internet? If this is the case the suggestion using .htaccess would be relatively easy and appropriate.

              Are you trying to have unique login's and passwords for each of your customers so that could track more specific things about orders your customers are placing or for some other organizational purpose where you might be trying to not only prevent content access from the general public, but also from each of the customers? If that is the case a more complex solution would be more appropriate.

              As for security there are a multitude of techniques that are best practices for securing your site. Like the other post mentions integrating SSL into your domain, this has a price tag, but also has a very high level of security. There are also other things like using ciphers to store passwords in your server's database that add extra security that is worthwhile. The necessity of these measures depends on the information you are collecting and the answers to the questions above.

              I hope that helps a bit. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I certainly look forward to your answers, and do keep us posted on what you ultimately decide to do for this.

              Good luck,
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                saageworks Wayfarer
                It sounds like you are trying to add ecommerce to your site. Were you looking for something with a shopping cart or just a simple order form? If it is just a simple order form you may not need a member login area. I can not advise you on adding anything to your exisiting page without knowing more about it but I can tell you there are a few great ecommerce applications out there built just for ordering and customer tracking, my favorite is GoodBusiness. Depending on your product this may turn out to be more than you need. If you would like me to take a closer look at what you are trying to accomplish please contact me through my website
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                  skapil07 Newbie

                  Hi , It seems you want to purchasing feature to your site using secured gateway , we would like to discuss this in detail with you , Please contact us at

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                    ezprint Wayfarer
                    You want a login and password section - yet youre getting all those different answers lol .

                    Making a password and login section on your site is easy.

                    Some questions to consider when thinking of creating a 'password protected' site area.

                    1. How secure do you need this area to be?
                    Passwords with md5 and SQL database storage can create a very good system for keeping non-members out of site areas.

                    But, if you will be using any kinda of data like say , credit card numbers or any high sensitive data types, then you will want to use HTTPS encryption.
                    Secure socket layers .

                    To do this you will need a certificate - for very good encryption at lowest cost to you, you're looking at around $150 to rent a certificate per year.

                    If you dont need HTTPS security and certificates and only a password protected areas to your site.
                    Let me know - the script for that isnt too complex.