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    SAP Resourcing

    kardepravin Newbie

      Dear All,

      I represent Delphi India( and we are into SAP Training, Consulting and Resourcing. We are currently in the final stages setting up our operations in USA and UK.


      We recently completed 10 years in SAP business and our strong point is more than 500 qualified SAP consultants worked with us in last 10 years. We wanted to leverage this in USA and UK market and we are studying different SAP recruitment business models. I was checking various Resourcing models(Business models for SAP Contracting).

      Would you please guide me or refer me any SAP resourcing handbook to learn the finer points of contract recruitment.

      Many thanks for your help

      Best regards
      Pravin Karde
      Asst. General Manager
      Delphi Computech
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site.
          Would you please guide me or refer me any SAP resourcing handbook.
          Do you know about


          The Sap Consultant Handbook
          by Jon Reed, Michael Doane


          SAP R/3 exploded on the North American scene in 1993, the SAP
          consulting market has been phenomenal. As the market moves into a
          mature phase, SAP consultants need new strategies and tactics to
          further their careers. In this eagerly-awaited handbook, the authors -
          an SAP practice director and an SAP recruiter - combine forces to offer
          in-depth advice on everything from how to get a start in SAP consulting
          to balancing multiple job offers. This book is a must for anyone
          involved in the field of SAP consulting.



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            DomainDiva Ranger

            Not to be contentious here but I am not an SAP fan. An aircraft maintenance repair station installed the software and it (SAP) backed up the parts ordering because only one person could log onto the parts system at one time and there were six aircraft in check at once in six bays. That particular repair station was not able to keep up the production schedule for completed maintenance and ended up losing customers. They are now closed.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                The "problem" with SAP, or with any maintenance management software that's fully integrated with other applications (document management, inventory, purchasing, etc.), is that a successful implementation requires an extremely well-managed combination of business process modifications, software module customizations, and technology enhancements. It also demands a fairly labor-intensive effort to get the "right" data in the system to begin with (even in highly-regulated industries, it's common to find drawings that don't match physical configurations, design requirements that don't match buyer or vendor specs, inventory lists that don't match the parts in stock, written procedures that don't match the way the people actually perform a maintenance task, etc.). To complicate all that, most organizations have a lot of little "empires" that an integrated system threatens to eliminate -- so the very people who could initiate a simple change to make the system successful are often the ones working hardest to ensure that it fails.

                SAP and similar offerings are often marketed like off-the-shelf solutions, but implementing them can easily cost two to three times the purchase price or license fee. (I'm not sure that most senior executives understand or believe that going in.) As such, it's a lucrative product on which to leverage a consulting practice, but it's not one that necessarily leaves your clients with a good taste in their mouths (especially if the ROI is several years out).
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                grantsforce Adventurer

                I am sure you realize that you will be competing with the likes of Fujitsu Consulting (and maybe IBM) in the segment that you appear to be targeting. Some of the major players in Rapidigm SAP (which is now Fujitsu Consulting - SAP Practice) now have small businesses of their own. It may help you to work these players into your marketing strategy since they know the market and I consider them to be the best in their business. Their consulting business and your training expertise will complement each other.

                Feel free to contact me at if you wish to talk sometime.

                Good Luck
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