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    Virtual Staffing Assistance

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      Hello Everyone!


      I am the founder of a virtual staffing agency that promotes cost effective technology-forward solutions for businesses who are looking for quality candidates without spending the traditional outsourcing costs. Being that I am a start up company, I do not have clients to reference back to in order to give my company a boost. How can I or what is the best way to attract businesses to work with us? What is the most effective method?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community. I also ran a Staffing Company in N J about 10 years ago.

          There are many marketing tools to attract clients and future businesses.

          Do you have a business plan??



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            tydowns Newbie

            I think one of the best things you can do is to communicate in forums like this and just offer helpful advice. The more you do it, the more you'll build up your reputation, and just naturally get new clients.


            Of course you could always start on or You can post on craigslist. You can search on Twitter for people looking for a VA.


            Network. Join a local chamber group or a BNI group.


            Here's a few more ways: Four Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Healthcare Practice

            However what I have found is that people will try this for a bit, then try that for a bit, and they don't stick with it. That's the main thing, you need to stay with it and keep at it.

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              jonathan nzali Scout

              I am a business owner and network with my local trade chapter, my local chamber of commerce, sporadically attend network events offered by the Small Business Administration in my area. I am also a member of Rotary international which is a great network based support organization for small business owners looking to give back in their community. There are few options that if convenient to you may help you get some great contacts to start.