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    Money talks

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We all have heard it said over and over that money talks.  But Touchpoint has put a different spin on this concept in the article: Beyond Raises: How to retain top employees.


      I really liked all the ideas that were given but I suppose I really applauded the comments near the bottom of the article.  "A well-stocked office kitchen or organized after-hour outings cost little, yet create a harmonious atmosphere. A few perks that don’t cost money: having a casual dress code and easing certain business policies, such as an allotted number of vacation days or traditional management hierarchy".  Little things DO make a difference.


      Do you work in a company that values its employees enough to go the extra step (or two) for them? 


      Surely money is a big plus!  But the other ideas in this article make the employees feel valued, too.


      What does your company do to support and value their employees?