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    Going Direct as a Software Consultant

    eddieinok Newbie

      I've been working on software projects for several years now. The last 10+ have been in Java. I took the leap to being a contractor in 2010 and formed my own LLC in 2012.


      I do pretty well just working with recruiters and landing contracts that way. However, I'd like to get a bigger piece of the pie and to be more in control of my direction. To me, this comes in steps. I'd love correction if these seem off-base.


      • Learn to get direct clients
      • Build enough contacts to start taking on bigger projects, which would cause me to either hire employees or bring in sub-contractors.


      I'm good at what I do. I just don't know how to jump that gap between working with recruiters and becoming a self-sufficient business that is working direct with clients on an ongoing basis. I'm better than most technical people at talking to actual people though, so I feel I should be able to manage it somehow.


      I already carry quite a bit of professional insurance as a company. More than is required on a regular basis. I'm also open to obtaining whatever other insurance, etc. might be required.


      Help? :-)