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    Can an H1B Holder  start a non profit and be an unpaid volunteer?

    multieng Wayfarer

      Hi everybody. I have intentions to fund a non profit organization that helps minority children in low poverty areas increase their reading abilities, by donating books and involve them in educational activities such as group reading.  Work with teachers and parents, etc.

      I would like to be the chair/ the person with the most decision power on it, but I have no intensions to get paid, just volunteer. Is it possible to do it while I am working under an H1B visa in this country? I 've read I can be a passive investor in a company but I am not interested in investing in a company I am  more interested in a non-profit.

      I've read some interesting answers  but I figured I would go with a more specific question.   I you have a link to the USCIS or IRS would even be better. I could not find anything myself.  Thanks!