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    Business Mentor Needed (Georgia)

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      I am not sure how many of you all might have heard of a company called Arise. My business has a Master Agreement (partnership) with them. I have a few employees, but things are a little rocky. I believe I've made a mistake one of the number one mistakes that most people make when starting a company, and that's hiring friends and sometimes family. Well this person is a friend, but we look at one another like family. However, since we've been working together; it's like she wants me to bend the rules on everything for her. I don't understand it; because even (I) the business owner still follow's the rules that are set in place and policies that I've govern for the business.


      She is starting to want me to do some illegal things for her and I just don't feel comfortable lying for her. I am going to law school next year and really I feel like I need to look out for myself, but I don't know how this is going to affect our friendship and me as a company. She handles the HR; and I truly feel that if I let her go or demote her there will be conflict and confusion; as well as a potential enemy and competitor. I believe she will try to take the employees and etc, with her. My employees is how I make money. All in all; the whole arrangement is becoming to daunting and draining me on my part.


      Not to mention breaking code for her has got me in a business bind of not being able to pay company taxes and expenses; because she chooses not to want to partake in the percentage she's to pay the company for working in partnership with us. I am starting to become cringed in the balls over this and truly need some guidance on getting my company back into compliance and being able to obtain startup loans to help with the overhead of the business and some other expenses. Also, so that I can hire some other help that will help draw the lines between me being the middle person.


      Not to mention the company has only been up and running since March of this year. So we are fairly new!


      Any advice?

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          Wow, sounds like you need some professional advice in a hurry! What does your legal team think of all this? I'm sure the community has opinions that will help. I think you said it all when you stated that you don't feel comfortable lying for her and know these actions are not legal.

          I hope you find your answers before there's trouble!


          Keep us informed!