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    Any changes for fall?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      The weather is beginning to change and fall can't be far away.  Schools are starting all over the country.  New beginnings - new opportunities are on the horizon.


      Having written this, what is your business looking like to your customers?  Have you made any changes in your marketing plans?  Do your social media sites look different?  Have you made some changes to your brick and mortar store?


      Often just a 'spiffing up' and moving things around will catch the attention of shoppers.  I know one store I frequent moves its merchandise around frequently.  All of a sudden I see things I have never noticed before.  End caps are changed.  Shelves at the check out counters are different.


      What are you doing, as we move into the cooler weather?  Tell us the changes you have done or are considering.



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          seoservicepro Ranger

          We got the foundation for our startup in place just in time for fall. In the fall, toward the end of the year is very good for my type of business. We're solid now, have a client base, and have our processes in place, so we won't be stressed when we have an influx of new customers.

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              That's great to hear. A lot of businesses rely on the change of seasons for their success. A local landscape business that mows and landscapes in Summer and plows snow in Winter, could really take a hit if conditions are wrong. I'm sure there are many more examples we could discuss. Do you know any right off the top of your head?

              Thanks for your reply, seoservicepro!