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    Political Allegiance

    MYOB08 Adventurer
      With so much talk about politicians & elections at the moment ~ do you think a small business owner should make their political allegiance known?

      About 6 months ago ~ I did a seminar which involved a drawing activity ~ I got 30 free notepads from the local politicians office (KEVIN Rudd Prime Minister of Australia) and handed them out.

      I actually did not think it was that bid a deal.

      But some appeared to be very offended.

      What do you think?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Not getting involved in Politics, But I think the people who
          got 30 free notepads were happy and maybe the others
          who did not appeared to be offended.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I think a business owner should do whatever he or she believes is right. There are several business owners I respect greatly who are visible political activists. I'm not. Personally, there is no one candidate, party, or platform that I fully support -- i.e., there are several polarizing issues where I agree with one side on some points and the other side on others (and I think a lot of Americans feel the same). I accept that and vote in private for the "best" overall, in my view. If I endorsed a candidate publically, however, I think it would suggest to many people that I agree 100 percent with his/her positions -- which would not only be untrue, it could include enough polarizing issues these days to offend or alienate 75 percent of my client base.

            I can't help but think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry asks Elaine the pro-life/pro-choice question in a crowded restaurant -- neighboring tables overhear, arguments erupt, people get angry and walk out, and near chaos ensues. Later, Jerry smiles proudly and tells George, ". . . and it was pretty much all my fault!"


            If you're in that position again, you might go to the competing parties/candidates and get something comparable from them to hand out, as well -- then tell your audience that your position is nonpartisan, and all the political stuff is simply a reminder to vote and a way to use free resources to keep their registration fee lower.

            Best wishes!