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    New guy on the block - retail marketing

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      Hey everyone,


      My name is Benjamin and I`m involved in retail marketing.  We help small businesses market their products to distributors and retailers effectively to increase sales.  Because we have decades of expertise as the retailer and manufacturer, we know what buyers are looking for in products and how to sell it efficiently.  Our past clients have included businesses in the outdoor industry, electronics, toys, apparel, and more.  We provide personal, in-depth consulting to help navigate retail as well as seamlessly integrat marketing (product development, product communication, analysis, sales training, etc). Retailbound has been helping clients achieve more since 2008.  For as little as 8 hours per week, you can have a veteran retail marketer on your team.


      I joined this forum to hopefully learn some good b2b marketing techniques as well as pick up on some new industry trends.


      I`m a pretty easy guy to talk to, so feel free to say hello!

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Welcome Benjamin!  We are happy that you joined us.  It looks like you have plenty to share so feel free to jump in any discussions and share your thoughts and expertise.


          And in the same fashion, ask your questions here and before too long you should have a variety of responses.


          Take advantage of the tabs on the top task bar - they are overflowing with great information.