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    Does Bank of America allow loans against a healthy real estate Portfolio??

    MrPapaGator Adventurer

      I know I am repetitious in my goal seeking to straighten out our financial situation. I have now come up with a possible solution if the Bank will cooperate. I have my portfolio listed in my account and it is automatically assessed by Zillow as to value. When the total is shown I am really pleased. I don't know why the Bank isn't working with me to get something done. The loan would be less than 50 percent of the value of the portfolio. I call that a no-brainer from the Banks point of view. Someone needs to be on my side to help. I earned all I own by my creative financing abilities. Now that I own the properties I need to borrow against them to help start a business. 30 year 3 to 4 percent fixed rate with one payment automatically deducted from my accounts. My guaranteed income can pay the payment and any other income when and if I get it is icing on the cake.