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      The Use Of Business Incentives In Fuel

      All of the industries we’ve talked about in this segment thus far have relied on incentives to get their productssold through their channels. The fuel industry is a little different. There are your established players, like BP, and they don’t reward people for selling their fuel, they reward people for buying it. They want people to consume their fuel and to remain brand loyal, so they rely on customer loyalty programs to keep their product moving.

      Customer loyalty programs are critical for the success of companies inside the fuel industry. Most people view gas as gas, and without the use of customer loyalty incentive programs and rewards, couldn’t care less about the fuel they purchase aside from the price. When companies put customer loyalty programs into play, they see better results and higher sales numbers because they motivate people to purchase. Customers buy products when there is something in it for them, i.e. the best product, loyalty or rewards. This is especially true in a saturated market where the competitors are all virtually the same.

      Customer loyalty programs are effective in these niches because they reward their customers for spending the money they do on their product, and their customers gain points in return, which are the currency they can spend rewards of their choosing.

      Here at Loyaltyworks we run customer loyalty programs for many of our customers, and they love them and continue buying the company’s products because they gain access to over 15 million reward choices for doing so. If you’d like to find out more about Loyaltyworks’ customer loyalty programs and what they can do for you, call us today at 1-800-844-5000 and we’ll schedule a free demo for you. You’ll see exactly what it takes to get one of our programs setup (very little), and exactly how they work to increase your sales.



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