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    Looking to start a fashion line...

    Michael Todd Newbie

      Hey my name is Michael. I'm a 25 year old male from Cleveland, OH & very much so into fashion, and looking to start a new local fashion line based out of NY & LA. My problem is currently having trouble finding great manufacturers. What I'm aiming for is more of a casual based fashion line, men's button ups, ties, colored shirts, blazers, and maybe even slim suits depending on the manufacturer. I have designs for a lot these items and would love to share them with someone who's definitely not over the top too pricey but will work with me, & help me off to a great start. If anyone knows any sources, I'd great;y appreciate it to soon chat with whom ever it is who can help. Thanks alot.

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Michael, welcome to our community!   It certainly seems like you have a great eye for fashion and we're sure that you have some great ideas that a manufacturer might be interested in.  I'd like to direct your attention to a previous discussion that gives some great resources in finding manufacturers.  There are some great tips in this thread, so please take a look at the discussion of a similar question at: Where Can I Find A Clothing Manufactuer.


          Feel free to browse our forum for other helpful discussions, ask questions, and provide your advice when you feel comfortable to jump in!  Our great forum members will surely have some advice for you as well, and I look forward to seeing their advice as you try to launch your design line.


          Best of luck!


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            PrincetonPS Adventurer


            I live in New Jersey and currently in India meeting with the manufacturer (a close relative of mine, in this business for 15+ years) and we both have partnered to manufacture and offer our services to anyone who wants to have their own line of clothing/design and their own branded tags. I am heading back to US in first week of Sept and will be carrying few sample shirts. Let me know if this is of any interest to you?


            I hope you already figured out following:

            1) What is your fabric preference?

            2) How much are you willing to spend?

            3) How many pieces of shirts you want to order initially and what kind of volume are we talking on monthly basis?

            4) Who is your target customers? Any specific segment?