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    Hello you lovely lot, new here and just saying hi!

    Colin Fox Wayfarer

      Hi all, my name’s Colin Fox and I’m an SME marketing specialist, specialising in helping home & small businesses (sole proprietors or businesses with around 10 employees) make more money without having to increase advertising budgets.

      I’m hoping I can give a lending hand and help with any difficulties that may be arising in your businesses.

      I’ve knowledge of advertising, copywriting, USP’s, SEO, SEM, video marketing, social media and more which I give away over on my blog. Not a spammer so not putting the link in here, you'll just have to find it haha!

      I've a cross breed collie/boxer dog called Cedric (yeah, had mixed reviews on his name!), I play the guitar (badly) and I'm learning Spanish (again.)

      I make sound effects libraries in my spare time too (ex-sound engineer) and love getting out and about recording.

      I hate the wind, enjoy a pint of real ale in my local pub, support Liverpool F.C (which I might be able to shout about soon!), have done martial arts and boxing on and off since aged 8 (too old now) and will be off traveling again, and taking my business with me, very soon.

      Come say hello!

      Cheers for now and hope to chat with a lot of you soon,



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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Welcome to the community, Colin!  We always love hearing from small business owners from "across the pond".  Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself, your interests and your expertise.  Please feel free to peruse our discussion boards and jump into our conversations where you feel comfortable. If you have any questions, please post those for so the community can offer their expertise as well.


          You are entirely welcome to post a link to your blog as well, where it may be pertinent to a discussion. Many of our members do reference their own material, when there is more detailed information that space or time allows in participating in our forum conversations. 


          We look forward to hearing more about your business, your advice, and your successes in our forum in the near future.