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    New Business

    Blessed Newbie
      I'm trying to start an investment business and I need a little direction. I have my EIN and business account in place but what are the other steps I need to take to be recognized as a business? Do I need to register with the State? Copyright my company name?
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Yes, you need to register your business with your state -- the process depends on the business structure you select and which state you're in. (Actually, I'm not sure how you were able to set up a business bank account without having done that already.) If you can provide some more information about your business, your location, and the steps you've taken so far we can probably offer more specific guidance.

            No, you do not copyright a business name. Registration provides/ensures uniqueness in that jurisdiction to some degree (and you obviously can't give your business the same name as another business in the same industry/market), but issues beyond that such as trademarks are a few steps ahead of where you probably are at this point. Hope this helps, and that you can provide some additional info. Best wishes.
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                Blessed Newbie

                IThank you for replying to my message, I'm in Illinois and I am trying to start-up an investment firm. I will be investing stocks and bonds, mutual funds, etc.. Tax leins, deeds will also be something I will also invest in. I have partnered up with two other investors. Money is not the issue it just the business side of things your having questions about. I currently have a sole proprietorship and want to incorporate it but I need someone to point me in the right direction.