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    Need Business Mentor

    hevora Adventurer

      I just launched my online business 1 week ago. I worked with a paid business consultant and we came up with a business and marketing plan.  I also enlisted the help of graphic designers and paid programmers to get the website to where it is at now. I'm currently on my own now trying to create a marketing campaign to get the website noticed and gain organic traffic. I have a PPC Google campaign right now and have created a FB, Pinterest, and Twitter store profile and my website has a blog section which is actively updated.


      It's has been three months already since this projects inception and I have spent a good amount on hiring all these various professionals but don't yet have a sale. While we've only been live for 1 week because the rest of the three months was spent in planning, design and development.


      I'm still working out some bugs but have entered marketing phase and am in desperate need of a mentor. I can keep throwing money at people but don't feel like it'll be helpful without some guidance at least. It seems like it's been non-stop work after work and weekends to get to this point and I'm at a complete stand-still almost and feeling a bit disillusioned at this point but don't want to give up now.


      Can someone please help?

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          skillsera Newbie



          It is great to hear  you have come this far. Welcome to the world of business. I believe that there is no other thing in the world that gives fulfillment than business itself. But just like anything good, it comes with hard work and continuous learning.


          Here is my first advice for you. You will need to start learning the online marketing tricks as fast as possible to really get to know what is working and what is not. You are in the right direction but without you learning online marketing yourself - not to be a top pro, but to be able to hire and manage the right team or select and monitor performance of outsourcing teams, assuming you decide to hire a third party company to support your online marketing campaigns, you will struggle to keep up with the constant changes happening in the online world.


          Good luck.


          All the best


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            Moderator Berta Guide

            Congratulations on launching your business!  Have things gotten any better now that you have been up & running for a month?  What marketing strategies have you undertaken in this time?



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Hi, I would be happy to mentor and help you.

              I live in N Y. How can I contact you??


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                Vijay Newbie


                How many leads you got from your efforts till date? Do you have a tracking & following up process to convert leads into business? You need to review your Digital presence strategy which should result in lead generation which could be monetized.  Will be happy to help you.

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                  Sameera Khan Navigator

                  Hi hevora

                  Its sad to hear that you are not satisfied with your website's performance even after spending huge money in it. I have checked your website and there are lot of issues I have seen in this that need to fix.  It includes:-

                  1. Website's logo is good but according to me there is no need to add this extra image on the top of the website:-logo.jpg
                  2. While hover on to images, they are flipping very quickly which is not good. It is important to give time  to user to review the product. Flipping so quickly may irritate user.
                  3. Your website is running with  . In any website , index.php or index.html should not be present. Canonical URL issue is not resolved. Running site with multiple URLs is not according to search engine point of view.
                  4. Websites' title, meta description , alt tags everything need to be fix.
                  5. You cannot get good return on investment and leads until your website design issues, seo issues are not fixed


                  You can send us your query and we will fix all these issues that will surely help your website to generate good leads and conversions.

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                    annie Wayfarer

                    There are a lot of free resources available in your local community.

                    SCORE offers free mentoring for the life of your business- go once or go often & always-

                    SCORE counselors are extremely successful former business executives, giving back to the next generation of business professionals.


                    Small Business Development Centers are everywhere across the country- google SBDC in your area.


                    The Goldman 10,000 Small Business Program is a growth accelerator program that is amazing--- you need to be in business for a bit before applying.

                    If you are in an urban area, check out ICIC, they have tremendous resources for city business owners!


                    Constant Contact provides free educational workshops everywhere- a great place to learn something and connect with other fellow business owners too! These sessions are fantastic because they are led by small business owners- so they understand everything we go through- and are completely conversant in marketing & technology.


                    Last one- don't chase the shiny orbit of social media in an attempt to crack the code for what's right for your business and master it overnight.

                    Marketing is a process, and your customers will be able to guide you as you explore where they are: what social channels they participate and observe…this happens with time.

                    The best thing you can do for your business is to make it your mission to create meaningful local connections.

                    Your neighboring business owners can provide a wealth of resources from their experience, as well as promote you to their customers.