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    Print on demand or Maintain an inventory?

    honygee Newbie

      I have a line of T-shirt designs that I would like to sell. My preference would be to offer through some sort of print on demand platform, allowing customers to purchase whatever they want 24/7 and have shipped to them directly. However, I can't seem to find a provider that makes it easy to offer the shirts in all the sizes, colors and designs that I would like. I have looked into such companies as Zazzle, Noisebot, etc. but the setup has just been too complicated.


      Conversely, I don't have the funding or space to print 1,000s of shirts and have them sitting around my home waiting for them to be purchased and ship them myself. This would be easy and most profitable but also the most time consuming for me (as I also have a full-time job and other entrepreneurial pursuits). If I do go this route (even printing 100 or so at a time) how should I set up my website to streamline the ordering process?


      What have others done? If you have a T-shirt business or other garment business or one with similar issues, please share your solutions. I am most interested in a 1-2-3 solution.


      Thanks in advance for any good ideas!