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    Are search engine ad campaigns good for local businesses?

    blueskyglass Adventurer

      Seems like Google Adwords and Bing Ads are very expensive tools for generating leads for small local businesses, like mine.  That said, yellow pages don't exist any more so this is the new tool.  I can't imagine that these have a postive return on investment but I don't know what else to do to compensate.  Anybody have any suggestions for a small local contracting business like mine that does replacement windows for residential homes?  I'm sure all local contractors have this issue to deal with.  Anyone?



      Blue Sky Glass

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          seoservicepro Ranger

          Hi blueskygrass. I see you helping a lot of people when they have questions, so wanted to make sure you got an answer as well.


          PPC can be expensive and it may or may not be your best bet. You may or may not have already set a specific budget for what you plan to spend promoting your business online, but that is the first step. How to spend it is 2nd.


          There are a lot of options. I can tell from your other posts, you are aware of the importance of SEO. Then there's content marketing, social media, etc.


          1. Your website is beautiful. I like the guarantee at the top, the form right on the front page. Easy to navigate. Great job.


          2. I used to install doors, so familiar with how to sell it. I don't like when I click on doors and read more leads to Pella where there are no calls to action that help you make sales. On that page, I would use larger images to allow more text next to each and add something like; to receive a catalog and a free estimate that includes installation, click here.


          When I had my remodeling business, I didn't have the Internet to promote it. I bought my doors and everything else from a local supplier who had a catalog. I took their catalog, whited out all of their prices, added installation charges to the price and re-inserted the new prices next to each product, then made copies, so it looked like my own catalog.


          No matter what someone called me for, I gave them the catalog to look at while I did my measurements and such. They liked having the price, including installation for everything I did. Increased my sales by a lot.


          So, if your supplier keeps the same door and window models all the time, you could build your own pages for each one with the prices for the product and install your form for a free estimate that includes installation. I think you'd close more sales that way.


          3. Check all your links. The links from read mores on this page don't work. Aluminum Windows - Blue Sky Glass


          4. I'm not sure I wouldn't just take the read mores out altogether and make them fill out a form for more info or an estimate or catalog from you. That way you collect more email addresses for your own list.


          About SEO


          You currently don't have title tags or meta descriptions in the head tag. You need unique titles and descriptions for each page. That and a little more text on the specific pages will help.


          Build up your Google Presence. Google Business, Google Analytics and tie it to Google webmaster Tools.


          Make sure an add both the www and non www as two different websites, then in Google webmaster Tools, set the www as the preferred site. Then update htaccess to make the non www redirect to the www version with a 301 redirect.


          This way you won't split up your link popularity. If some people link to the www version and others to the non www version, then those links only count for the version they are pointing to. Combining them the way I described makes sure all of them count together.


          About PPC


          Are you setting up separate ad groups for each product category? It's a flow. User types in a search phrase. They see an ad that closely matches their search phrase. If they typed in window installation, the ad should only talk about that, not door and window installation. That improves the chance they will click the ad. The ad should not land them on your home page. It should land them on the page that just talks about what they typed in. That increases the chance of getting a lead or sale.


          About Social Media


          At the very least, Google + is a must. it helps with SEO. I would also recommend FaceBook and Pinterest where you can share pictures of those beautiful doors and windows you install.


          About Content Marketing


          Almost everyone needs to publish and distribute content to make sales these days. Installing a wordpress blog and writing some home improvement tips would attract your target audience and be something helpful to them. They like people who are helpful and if they like you, they are more likely to buy from you. It also helps you build an email list for a newsletter you can use to keep your name in front of them for when they are ready to do something.


          Hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions if you like.