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    Helping the community!!

    jazz5514 Newbie

      Hi Everyone! First of all my name is Jasmyn And im 19 years old. I'm currently in college trying to get A degree in human resource management. (Is This A good Degree To Get?) Anywho, the city I am from there is not much activity or oppertunities available to everyone and I want to change that! I want to start a business that helps the community! (helping people get on their feet, helping people find jobs, getting into college, bringing carnivals and festivals to town, and etc. Basically giving my City oppertunity again. Where do I start with All this? (As far as business name, loans, employees, donations, etc.) I am a very determined person so I refuse to give up on this idea. Im also looking for A business owner in somewhat of the same field as a mentor for me. Any feedback would be great, thanks!

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          jaynorth Tracker

          Well I appreciate your initiative to make it big not only in your life but overall helping the community as a whole to chase their dreams. These consulting job have their importance under the current scenario, but you need to have full fledged knowledge or information to carry out your work with ease. Also you need to create business plan in advance to run your work, Therefore many financial organizations are working to uplift the condition of small businesses through instant loan or other ways. But do little market research & go for the best.

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Jay, I believe in Volunteering. I do a LOT of volunteering.

              Why do I volunteer. To give back to the community that has been so good to me and my family.

              Volunteering is HARD. Don't get me wrong. I love to volunteer.

              When I (you) volunteer I have experienced a variety of different opportunities.

              I have been fortunate that some fit me well (and can help my business grow).

              By volunteering, I have met and worked with exceptional people and

              found out about exciting NEW challenges.

              I am a morning person. I get a lot done before 10 A M. Yes the internet helps.


              Volunteering is NOT work. It should be enjoyable (and sometimes you get rewarded)

              It goes FULL CIRCLE



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              Moderator Rebecca Guide

              Hi Jasmyn, welcome to our community!  You've received some good advice already, and I'm sure you'll be receiving more from our helpful members.  As jaynorth mentioned a good business plan is important for you to put your ideas to paper, think them thru and see if your business idea is plausible and sustainable.  Here's a great link to get you started:The specified item was not found..


              Additionally, as Luckiest stated, don't discount the idea of volunteering in your community.  Not only will you be building future possible business relationships, gaining experience and giving back to your community, you will be adding valuable experience to add to a resume.


              Once you've had a chance to work out your ideas and business plan, we'd love to know what you've decided on!


              Best of luck!