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    Converting your offline shoppers into online shoppers

    nandakumarrkk Adventurer

      What do you think reason behind converting offline shoppers into online shoppers.

      Making to feel the product

      Attractive design and layout

      Varieties of choices they get

      Shipping & payment



      Add up your own points. I feel the above listed points are primary.

      Share what you think -



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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Thank you for sharing this informative article, nandakumarrkk!  One of the statistics that stood out to me is that "47% of teenage US males prefer online buying while 26% of US teenage females are involved in ecommerce shopping", a great increase for this important buying demographic.  It is this age group this is more likely to impulse buy, so therefore an online presence is almost a necessity to give your business a chance at this share of the market.


          Several important issues, as you said are ease of payment.  Many people are still hesitant to give their credit card over the internet.  That is why alternative payment options such as PayPal are a must.  Additionally, delivery is also an important area.  The question small businesses looking to lure online sales must ask themselves is "Can I afford free shipping?".  Most competitors will offer it, and consumers are almost demanding it these days.  Alternatively, you can also offer a free "In-Store Pickup".  Which will not only provide an easy way for your clients to get their merchandise, but also provide them a chance for easy returns, or perhaps even induce additional sales as they visit your location to pick up their merchandise.


          These are just a few ideas I had, I'm sure our members will add many more.  Great topic!




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            saranraj Wayfarer

            What ever it may be there must be a brand recognition first...

            Then comes variety of products, design & attractiveness.

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              sunnyberryme Wayfarer

              Good points mentioned above.



              Converting off shoppers into online shopper ?


              1. Presentation of the site

              2. Online shopping must be made easy

              3. No lengthy check out process

              4. More deals/ offers can attract more customers to the site

              5. Regular newsletter on deals


              7. Free shipping

              8. Cash on delivery

              9. Strong reviews & shared about the product



              With my self experience i shared it. All these are ways to bring in leads too.