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    Joint Ventures

    LUCKIEST Guide

      If you are promoting your business, via online marketing, sooner or later you will be invited

      to participate in a joint venture.

      When you are new it is tempting to say yes.

      As you get busy, it is easy to say no.

      As a result, many business owners turn down lucrative opportunities.

      Often you will miss a great match with just a small creative twist.


      Has this happened to you and your business??

      Want to share with us??



        • Re: Joint Ventures
          Moderator Cath Guide

          Luckiest, thanks for your post.  Can you share with us what, in your opinion, are some pluses and also some minuses in being a part of a joint venture?


          I'm sure if you get this discussion started with some of your ideas, then others will join in and share some ideas of their own - perhaps some successes and maybe some oopsies.