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    Getting Leads- In a changing world

    crm-developer Wayfarer

      I have been in the Travel Business for quite awhile, but with the Internet as my biggest competition.

      It's getting harder to compete with the "Big Boys".

      How do I stay ahead of the game? Any suggestions on thinking "out side of the Box" and more getting customers?

      Gina- Land and Cruise Vacations

      CRUISEREZ-CRM - Land and Cruise Vacations 

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Gina,


          Thank you for posting your question.  I'm sure competing with the 'Big Boys' is not just related to the travel business.


          BofA community, does anyone have any suggestions for Gina?  Repeating her questions:  How do you stay ahead of the game?  How do you add more customers?  I'm sure there are some very good tips that could help her.


          This topic could be a great discussion - jump in with some ideas and suggestions.



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            leelee5 Wayfarer

            you constantly need to observe all things  listen at all times even when people think your oblivious, know your clues and connections your patters rhythms music news and social media friends codes everything and know when to listen to that voice and when to  set a flar ect...