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    Legal Plans For Sm Biz and Families

    cindala4 Adventurer

      Hi Everyone,

      I have been a member for a while but may be new to many of you. I'm you know what's available in your community.

      Sharing is caring. Sharing is business and meeting new people. It's great and hope to meet some of you.

      Our family plans include a free Will so if you need to get a Will or update it take advantage of that in your family plan.

      A worksheet is provided to help you work on getting that information in place, yes it takes time and I am working on updating ours,

      just pace yourself it's worth it. Think of it as health insurance, it has to be done with a deadline. And it's free! It comes back all typed up.

      Any questions please contact me. Looking forward to meeting you:)

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Good morning, cindala4,


          Glad to see you posting.  I think your family plans offer of a free will is an excellent one.  I have heard that people do not have wills (or a current one) is because of the cost.  Your kind and caring offer is one that I hope many take advantage of.  And giving folks a worksheet to use is wonderful.


          I hope you will continue sharing your expertise in our community - as you said:  'sharing is caring'.