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    god bless all Newbie

      HI , I am Neha , living in RI US as H4 visa holder , its been 4 months i am @ home and i desperately wanted to do something like small business , online and earn at least minimum amount on my own. Can anybody help me with any options ?


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          Please give us more specific information regarding the advice you are looking for.  What type of specific business would you like to start?  Do you already have funding?


          Once we know more, I'm sure our members will be able to provide some advice.


          Also, please don't post the same thing in multple places on the communty.




          The SBC Team

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              imminut Newbie

              Hi Neha:


              Unfortunately as an H4 Visa holder you are not allowed to work or participate in an income producing business. UNLESS, you have your own H-1 visa.  There has been some talk of changing this if and when there is immigration reform. There some other options available to you. Please talk with an immigration attorney.

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              Moderator Rebecca Guide

              Hi Neha, imminut has given you some great advice regarding your options with your specific type of visa status.  We do encourage you to check with an immigration attorney regarding the options that may be available to you to earn income with any home or small business.  They are all very experienced and will be able to give you some great advice.  Many cities even have organizations that do free consultations as part of their outreach services.  Please let us know what you find out, and we can direct you further.

              Best of luck to you!