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    Is My Website The Reason Why I Am Not Getting Sales?

      I have recently started an online boutique as well as an online store for bow ties. However, I have not generated any sales at all. People are visiting the sites but no one is buying. I am trying to figure out what it is that I need to change. Could my websites be a reason why I am not getting sales? If so, where can I improve?



      Thanks for your help!
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          Yes and No......

          I love the products and the layout is pretty straightforward. 

          I would suggest a few things…..



          Step one review:

          When someone comes to your site they see that yes you offer the merchandise, but there is nothing else for engagement.


          “If you are using any type of analytics software… Take a look and see how long someone stays on your site.”


          Step one Resolution:

          You should offer some type of Blog or news section to draw people in… After they are spending sometime reading about, lets say your article titled (“BowTies or Ties…which one is the power tie”) So a few folks read up on your thoughts, they comment and you hit them with your selection…


          Step two review:

          You need the presence of Social Media interaction.............

          Step two Resolution:

          I would make sure that Twitter, Facebook Page and also, use Pinterest are showcasing your blog articles and your merchandise… Hit people hard... They need to know they need you.. They just don't know it yet! It's your job to make this happen.

          Your web site is only a moving brochure... a mini interactive here I am... consider Web Sites/Web Design has evolved…. I have spent over 20 years from design/web design/ to production in music and now mobile apps and still running in the web arena. Fact is that, is that sometimes we get so caught up in the look and feel of the web surface… That we forget that we are running a business.. Sounds crazy… but believe me I’ve seen it time and time again. Having a team… Having the Right tools and goals laid out is the start of all of this…   Setting a plan….


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          I hope that this information is of some assistance to you...


          LIVE YOUR DREAMS......

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