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    Promote my bussiness

    Girish Wayfarer

      I just lunched my website how to i target Car Carriers to my site don't have much budget for it, please help

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Welcome to the community Girish and congratulations on launching your website!


          Can anyone give Girish some guidance?



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            Moderator Cath Guide

            Congratulations Girish, on your website launch.


            Would you mind letting us know what you have done, so far, to promote your website?  That way others will be able to be more help with their advice.



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              Jim Allen Adventurer

              For this you can use the social media & content marketing to promote your business.

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                Tony Leary Adventurer

                Hey Girish,

                Is this your website?


                What did you use to build it? You need to implement some basic SEO strategies.


                WordPress and an ecommerce plugin would be the best way to accomplish that with a low budget and doing your own data entry.

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                  blueskyglass Adventurer



                  I am not totally familiar with car carriers but I suspect it is a fairly small market.  My guess is that your best attack is to target them directly.  Use direct mail marketing, phone calling, etc.


                  Social media is likely to be useless.  Search engine marketing might be effective depending on what you are selling.


                  I am not so different than you in that my market is relatively small and easy to identify.  I use insert mailers, ad copy, and search engines to generate leads for my window replacement business.  Good luck.



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                      seoservicepro Ranger

                      I agree with blueskyglass and Tony on this one. I wouldn't go social as much as SEO. If you go to Google Insights or Trends and put in your search terms, you're likely to see something that says not enough data to display. That means low search volume for those terms.


                      But, when someone does search for those terms, you need to make sure you get found. Build up your Google Presence. Google Business, Google Analytics and tie it to Google webmaster Tools.


                      Make sure an add both the www and non www as two different websites, then in Google webmaster Tools, set the www as the preferred site. Then update htaccess to make the non www redirect to the www version with a 301 redirect.


                      This way you won't split up your link popularity. If some people link to the www version and others to the non www version, then those links only count for the version they are pointing to. Combining them the way I described makes sure all of them count together.


                      For social media, focus on Google Plus because it helps with search results and the others don't.


                      Improve the onsite SEO so you rank well for your keywords. Unique Title Tags and Descriptions for every page.


                      Canonical links for duplicate pages that result from categories, product pages, brand pages, archives, etc.


                      Make sure your site is ready to close sales or build specific landing pages before you think of doing PPC.


                      Hope that helps.


                      Onsite SEO Notes: <title></title> is noit a good title tag. Ranking for your domain name is useless.Your main key phrase Car Carrier Supplies should be there instead. Each title should reflect what someone will find on that specific page.


                      You don't have a meta description. Make a unique description for each page that expands on the title. Think of it like a blog post, you have a title and the post expands on the title. Write a short unique description for each page about that page and why users should go there.

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                      John Andrew Newbie

                      Hey Girish ,The most effective way to promote your website is to promote it on Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter .It requires less money compared to advertising on Television and other .Have a peek here for more information for promoting your website .

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                        Moderator Berta Guide

                        Hi Girish, how are things going? You've gotten some suggestions along with some questions here. Are things improving with promoting your business?  Please keep us updated.



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                          whogotnextshow Adventurer

                          You don't need a real big budget due to the fact you are just seeking to get awareness about your website. What I would suggest is to do a small commercial it doesn't have to be from a professional company just something to place online. Once you have done that let me know I will give you a little free promotion in your area maybe even on your local television station.

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