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    Statistical data on social commerce

    nandakumarrkk Adventurer

      Today people are much into social media. It is a wider platform to get in touch with customers personally.

      Social commerce fuels real business growth.


      Statistics -


      Face book drives 26% referral traffic to business website

      89% of agency use the social network to advertise

      20% of shoppers prefer buying products through brand's facebook page

      social commerce sales are expected to bring $30 billion each year by 2015 - Mashable

      There are 10 million registered small business have facebook presence.




      "GM says Facebook ads don't work, pull $10 million account" - Forbes


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      Will this really work out for small business ?

      Can we expect better ROI from this ?

      Some says spending on Facebook ads are waste of money ?


      View the below image for more info -

      social commerce