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    Medical Equipment and Supplies Start Up

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      I have been working as an independent distributor for refurbished medical equipment and parts to Central and South America healthcare facilities and resellers, my intention is to build an stronger business structure that allows me to make certain investments in order to grow the impact of the business in the next few years.


      Working with an SCORE advisor about a year ago we discussed the necessity to start generating domestic sales in order to support the company's cash flow and operations cost, but I have not being able to fine among the available resources a link t establish distributorship accounts with wholesalers for medical supplies and durable medical equipment., I have definitely considered the limited opportunities of the segment due to over populated market, still, I am giving it a shot.


      I would appreciated any help or guidance to help me cut through the jungle, buying form resellers definitely make my cost too high in order to establish a decent margin, must say I am believer of high volume sales/low margin rather than the opposite, at the end of the day what we need in the bank is money no percentages signs.