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    Can an LLC or C-corp have 2 branches in 2 countries?

    RocVigilante Wayfarer
      Hi everyone,

      first of all, this is my first question on this forum. I joined the forum yesterday and I read with great interest all the questions posted. Now, second, I have an H1B visa but I do not like working for the company that sponsored me. I am really, but really interested to incorporate my own company and I know that I am not allowed to work for it. I have an idea that might work pretty nice but implies buying goods from Georgia, US and selling them to companies from Romania. Considering that I am currently a native resident of Romania, isn't cheaper and more simple to have my company incorporated with 2 different branches in 2 different countries, one here, in Georgia and one in Romania where I have my permanent address? Is it allowed for an LLC or C-corporation to have 2 branches in 2 different countries? I ask this because I think it might be cheaper to "transfer" the goods between the US branch and the Romanian branch rather than "exporting" them to my Romanian buyers.

      If it is possible to incorporate this company with a branch abroad as an LLC or C-corp, then is it possible to hire an intern from an university to manage my business? Or in other words, what is the cheapest way to hire someone to manage my business considering that I am not allowed to manage it myself because of my H1B?

      I know that a company incorporated as an Inc. can have a branch abroad. Well, am I allowed, as an H1B visa holder, to incorporate an Inc.?

      Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I would appreciate any reply.

      Thank you in advance.