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    What does creative financing mean?

    MrPapaGator Adventurer

      I have been able to use this method when there were no loans to be found elsewhere. I had very good neighbors that were concerned for my families safety and was given first offering for their places. I was told by 2 that the local business wanted theirs but because they knew what would happen if they sold to the business owner they came to me first. They explained the way our entrance has been abused by the business on the corner that they didn't want them in the neighborhood any closer to us. Wow, what a way to think about your neighbors when you decide not to take money from a business owner and sell to your neighbors. They had me over a barrel but I was okay with it. I did not care that the age and condition was suspect. I just wanted the quietness. I have gone past the drama and now I am wanting to improve the area on my terms. The location is the lucrative factor. That is why the existing business wanted to expand. I have wanted to take all the old homes out and turn the area into a RV Park destination. It has taken all my income to maintain civility. I am disabled and cannot maintain the old mobile homes for rental income. This has helped create my idea. If I was able to get the homes removed and the land landscaped into nice parking pads for tourist the area would begin to change in a way of environmental friendly grounds. I would not have the torment of maintaining old mobile homes. The area is a great place to start the RV Park. If anyone has any ideas as to financing the business idea please send me info. I have tried all avenues with SBA, Score, BoA small business community with negative results. Does anyone want to trust a creative financing person?