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    How to set up a medical clinic as a non-profit?

    espressoemma Newbie



      I am a soon to be Acupuncturist looking to build by own non-profit clinic.  I am not familiar with how to set up a non-profit and any insight would be much appreciated!


      My vision:

      Ideally I would like to have a set rate for those who can afford my services ($80/session)  and a sliding scale price option ($20-$40/session) for those who make under a certain amount annually.  I would also like to offer free lectures and community classes on nutrition, fitness, health and alternative medicine.


      My questions:

      Would my business model be eligible as a non-profit?

      As a non-profit can I charge a competitive rate for those who do not qualify for the sliding scale option? The idea is that charging higher rates for those can afford it will supplement the treatments for those who qualify for the sliding scale and the community classes.

      What steps do I need to take to make this happen?

      Thank you!

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi espressoemma, welcome to our community!  As more people look for alternatives to costly and expensive medical options, acupuncture has become a popular choice for many to try.  While I am unsure if you specific business model would be eligible for non-profit status, here is a great site to start finding many of the answers to the questions that you have asked How to Start a Nonprofit | National Council of Nonprofits.  You'll find information on how to get started, key questions you need to ask, as well as necessary paperwork that you will need to file.


          Please let us know if you find this link helpful!  Additionally, perhaps some of our members who are currently involved with running a non-profit will have additional advice to share with you.


          Best of luck on your new venture!


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            sasangdoc Newbie

            Hello espressoemma,


            I am an acupuncturist who hopes to start a non-profit of my own as well. We have been in business for 13 years and would like to start an institute which offers lectures to the local community and certificate programs in continuing education with emphasis in Korean Medicine. I just registered the American Institute of Korean Traditional Medicine as a non-profit in Oregon, but now would like to consider adding my clinic so that I too could provide a sliding scale option for my clients and utilize the clinic for educational reasons.


            Have you gotten any farther along this path? Please share with me your experiences and I will do the best to share mine as things unfold.


            All the Best,


            Gary Wagman, PhD, LAc

            Harmony Acupuncture and Herbs, Doctor

            American Institute of Korean Traditional Medicine, Founder



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              cpajoe Scout

              Since you have no experience in the field yet and no existing base of clients, have you considered working for an existing firm, gain knowledge in both performing your services and see how the business is run before taking on your own startup?