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    Wondering if I can be in sales without being in sales

    Nelson Redmon Adventurer

      Good Morning Everyone currently I am not part of any sales team, But am wondering with my networking skills if I can't drum up some new business ventures for the company I currently work for. "OMEGA APPAREL". Just by browsing and putting the word out about what our company does and stands for I beleave I can find what we are looking for. We currently are in the feild of equipping America's hero's. We manufacure U.S. military uniforms and some other products such as Flame Retardant Trousers for other branches of service including the automobile manufacures. We are currently looking to expand and deversify some and taking a close look at the markets and seeing just who is looking for an acredited apparel manufacure? Does anyone know any company looking for and apparel manufacure or an experinced research and development firm of apparel? Please help prove that with simple networking steps I to can leave a finger print in the industry.