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    Funny Stuff

    seoservicepro Ranger

      We can all get bogged down with questions, topics and answers that are strictly business and we all want to seem professional. That doesn't mean we can't have fun too. Running a business should be something we enjoy. We should also enjoy talking about it.


      It's okay to post a discussion topic like "Share your funniest story about running your business" or "What are some fun things you do online while promoting your business?" or "What's the funniest YouTube Video you've seen produced by a company?" or "Share some of your Pinterest Pins here"


      It's okay to show your personal side and your sense of humor. It doesn't make you unprofessional to have a sense of humor. It lets people get to know you and by default, your business, better. It also attracts more people to post and more shy people to start posting instead of just reading. help others loosen up a little once in awhile and see how great the results are.


      That being said, here's my favorite Pinterest Pin.